was first designed and drawn by Me, as my tattoo, to proudly wear and pay tribute to the many ways music has influenced my Life.  In my early teens, I watched my brother make his mark on the speed-metal world...to all the lyrics of Artists who touched me along the way...through to adulthood, where I spent 15 years in the guitar and bass crafting community.


My brand of guitarclef products are all designed and crafted with the same attention to beauty and detail as you put into your Music…all displaying a symbol of love for music, guitars and basses. I honor all of you who have committed your lives to the Art and Craft, so that We can continue to enjoy “The World’s most universal language”. I will be adding new and exciting products all the time, so I look forward to your continued visits. I also welcome your feedback on the contact page, thank you.


Debbie Henderson, Creator
Jes Fama, Vice President