we love to support the artists who support us!

Juan Garcia
Guitarist of Body Count is wearing guitarclef at the 53rd Grammys.
Shifty Shellshock
Huge support from the Crazy Town singer in our signature unisex ring.
Pete Dee
Thank you Pete, guitarist from The Adicts, rocking our adjustable leather necklace!!
Nikki Stringfield
She's rocking the guitarclef shirt at a press conference for her band, The Iron Maidens!
Forrest Robinson
Drummer of Delta Deep is always supporting guitarclef. We see him in our necklace on stage or just hanging with friends. Thank you Forrest!
Heaven Below
On stage Patrick Kennison and John Younger can be seen wearing our guitarclef t-shirts! Check out their new album, Good Morning Apocalypse.
Almost Fama
Jes Fama, is the host of Almost Fama, a music and entertainment podcast, that regularly features guitarclef on her show.
Jordan Sassone
Jordan, lead singer and guitarist for Darksun is always supporting guitarclef
Ernie Cunningham
Guitarist and founding member of Body Count always supporting!
Kyle Cunningham
Kyle Cunningham is the drummer for Madlife and Neon Coven and is a supporter of guitarclef. "guitarclef is such a cool logo and I love that there is something for everyone from t-shirts to earplugs... I have my pair on me all the time!"
Debbie Blackwell-Cook
Singer of the blues rock band Delta Deep is always seen on stage in our signature sterling silver pendant.
Paul Hebert
Paul is one of Hollywood's top photographers and he is a huge supporter and the official photographer of guitarclef.
Damon Marks
Song writer and guitarist Damon Marks rocks out in our t-shirts and chain necklace!
Bill Metoyer
Master producer of bands such as Slayer, Corrosion of Conformity and Mindwars, Bill proudly supports guitarclef!
Stephen Brewer
Guitarist of Westfield Massacre not only models for us but also accessorizes in guitarclef swag.
Zach Erfrot
Writer and guitarist of Jack and Seven wearing the necklace and ring!
The Traveling Guitar Foundation
The Traveling Guitar Foundation believes that the rebuilding and fortification of schools’ music education programs is essential to the holistic development of current and future students.
Danielle Mcguire
Graduate of the Musician's Institute and former guitarist of Paradise Kitty, Danielle shows off in our one time run of bathing suits.
Rock'n'Roll Photography
Hannah Verbeuren has had her photos published in L.A. Weekly, Rolling Stone, Drum and more. She's also one of the photographers of guitarclef products.
Tambi Saffran
Host and producer of Focus Magazine's L.A. Chef's is rocking in our ladies tank!
Rick Waite
Rick "The Mayor" Waite, Manager of the Sam Ash Hollywood location made sure to get a black guitarclef t-shirt so it would be work appropriate.
Contributing photographer for the new guitarlef GCNZ line.
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